23F US Whatsapp Friend - Really Need A Constant Friend

I live in the US. I suffer from a lot of anxiety (not so much social anxiety though) and so i'm pretty isolated; outside of working PT, I don't have any friends and I admit I don't really get out much.
I'd like someone to talk to on a constant basis. Show me what you ate for dinner, talk about your favorite plant, vent about your family, tell me about your past, bitch about your boss. I really don't care. I've gone a long time without consistent human interaction and i'm just barely convincing myself that friendship is something I actually need to live a human life.

About me.. I am big into animal welfare. I have low tolerance for bigotry in general, though. I help run an animal rescue.

I love cooking, I love global cultures / languages, I like global music. I'm a huge gamer, primarily a Capcom / Nintendo fan. I'd definitely like some people to play with as well. I also like makeup and fashion if you're into those types of things.

Again, please don't bother unless you think you can sustain a somewhat consistent contact. I am probably very boring, I acknowledge that. But if you're boring and want to tell me about what cereal you like, feel free.

I'd like to talk on Facebook or maybe Skype or Whatsapp. Maybe text in the future when we're both sure we're not both serial killers.

I'm open to any gender or person as long as you can speak English. Please no weird perverted shit, i'll just cut off communication.
Thank you.

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