Dirty BBM Pin: Uk Boys and Girls Add BBM Pins

All pins here are collected on interested based from facebook. you can also share your pin if you want.

Juvie Hype add my pin 55C4B206
Devan Rajoo Govender invite me as well pin:29CB3DF4
Chris Metalstar Plath pin:2C12F825 cause you know you want to wink emoticon
Courtney Davies Comment your pins, need more girls as friends
Josh Tyldesley 22 manchester, pin:265A2DD5
Muhammad Usman 58C27D04 add my pin
Danielle Goodgirl Cox Add my new pin:58AE5FA3 no under 18 thanks.
Leah Evelyn Jackson 53393C78

Te X Amo Just chicks pin:2B45CFEB
Vee Boss Any girls looking for a sugar daddy add this pin. 2C08CF62.
Callum Lee Paull Pin:56300CC7 add manchester 19 girls only need new faces
Abi Conway Pin:286e561c over 1350+ contacts need at least the same amount of girls aha got 1230+boys and only 220+ girls

James Tennyson Add away
Bbm 7E12F476
whatsapp 07710445470 .

Safi Elmas 58E7E254
Romario Smith 3225613B add my Fren pin she's a really cool person
Steven Trueman Bbm 55F85F78 or snapchat stetrueman96 do one
Festus Jimmyson 58DF3473*** jst gt my pin yestrday, i need a gf
King King Only girls who talk 561F2A87 or add your pin and i'll add you

Dante Sagittarius Royce 55D9819C new on bbm hopefully some Jamaicans can show up
Lauren Ma'vodkaa Louise 2AE7E785
Chloe Robinson 56864933

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