Sweet Boys And Girls BBM Pins South Africa

Abrian Reuben Louw
0845948862 whatsapp
Deneke Danino Daniels
2349B0D1...guYs anD giRls...‪#‎nOpervtsPlz‬
Rodwill Claasen
Kelsey Heugh
25CBF144 no1 older than 20
Oscar Kyle Solomons
Clayton Craig Abrahams
frnd request on facebook wud b kewl 2 wil b waitin ladies mwa
Calvin Calz Pillay
BBM PIN:27387A0B smile emoticon ladies only thx
Brent du Preez
hi girls add me: 0818117716 whatsapp and bbm: 2B52852D girls between 27 and 40
Henri-Anne Shune Philander
OmW I likE s000 need neW contactS uhM bbm-2929cc6e. WhatsApp 0826210241. MixiT 0744400044. FeeL free hope to chaT s00N
Chantelle Jennifer Samantha Pillay
Houghmordeen Jansen
Charné Bernadene Phyfer
21606DCD smile emoticon
Jody Williams
and me on bbm boys 23B23672
Cleopatra Nomfundo Maesela
@luvcleoza I will follow bck 
Stephanie RoseBud Jacobs
Twitter::@Stephy_J510. I'll keep u in touch with me so u can feel me without touching me

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